How does Pronto work?

Pronto combines the benefits of a nasal dilator, to open the nose and improve airflow, with the ability to deliver the vapors of the pure essential oil blends traditionally known to help you sleep or to clear a stuffy nose.

How many charges will I get with Pronto?

Pronto will charge up to 10 times. You should only wear Pronto up to 8 hours at a time.

How long does Pronto take to recharge?

Pronto will take about two minutes to fully charge.

Why do I need to replace the cap on the recharge point each time I recharge Pronto?

By replacing the cap on the recharge point, you ensure that you achieve 10 recharges of your Pronto.

Why am I not getting 10 recharges with Pronto?

Incorrect use of the recharge unit, specifically leaving the cap off the recharge point, will reduce the number of recharges you will have.

How do I know which size to buy?

As a general rule of thumb; most women will typically be a small and most men will typically be a medium. Each size can be further adjusted. See Fitting & Wearing information for details on how to adjust Pronto.